The Debt Relief Solutions Guide-
   42 Ways To Eliminate Debt For Good

debt relief solutions

There are 42 things you can do to eliminate debt. 42 things that give you everything you need to become debt free.

These 42 things give you the money, the focus, the goal, the financial control and the methods you need to get rid of your debts.

…and most of them are practical, common sense things.

You probably already know them so this should only be a reminder for you.

If you however take them seriously and not let their “familiarity” put you off, achieving debt freedom would become easy or at least predictable for you.

42 simple ideas that make debt freedom a reality.

Debt relief solutions anyone can use to get rid of debt.

What they do…

These 42 ideas do three things for you.


1 Reduce your financial losses,

2 Increase your financial earnings, ie fill your pockets with money


3 Give you the financial control, the focus and plans you need to eliminate your debts.

These three things make it possible for you to get out of debt quickly…because they give you all the resources you need.

Together they make up the formula for rapid debt reduction.

No matter how large or how difficult your debts may be, when you do them your debts get reduced very quickly and very significantly.

These 42 ideas are discussed under the 3 steps below.

3 steps to debt freedom-3 things every debtor must do to eliminate debt

Do them and your debts can disappear for ever

A Reduce your financial losses.

This is the first step of debt relief

It helps you retain money that you can use to pay your debts.

9 ways to plug the gaping holes in your finances and raise the money you need to pay your debts.

1 Stop using your credit cards

This reduces your spending by at least 112%

2 Place a ban on all new loans

3 Start using only cash

4 Start using a budget-this also gives you control over your money.

5 Move into a smaller home

6 Trade your car for a less “gas guzzling” one.

7 Reduce your gas, electricity and phone bills

8 Switch off cable

8 Cancel your vacation

9 Cook your own meals

Doing these 8 things reduces the amount of money that you lose every month to unnecessary expenses and saves you money with which you can pay your debts. It makes paying your debts a lot easier than it would otherwise be.

Just $10 saved everyday from your expenses is $3,600 a year.

So this is a step that is certainly worth taking if you want to make paying your debts more effective.

B Increase your financial earnings-12 ways to boost your income and get rid of your debts for good.

This step gives you a significant amount of money with which to pay your debts…possibly thousands of dollars every month.

It is certainly worth doing for anyone who wants to pay off their debts quickly. It is an aggressive debt relief measure, perfect for people who don’t want to keep their debts for too long.

16 ways to raise more income with which to pay your debts.

1 Get a second job

2 Rent out living space

3 Use your spouse’s salary to pay your debts

4 Use your tax refund

5 Use your salary bonuses

6 Ask for a raise at work

7 Hold a garage sale

8 Sell used items on ebay

9 sell your extra car

10 Sell your boat, bike, jewelry to pay your debts

11 Sell your expensive musical instruments

12 Use your savings

13 Use your emergency fund

14 Borrow from your life insurance fund

15 Use your 401k

16 Sell off some of your investments

Doing this step gives you a lot of money with which to eliminate your debts. It is true that some of these ideas are a bit “risky” but you should still be able to raise a significant amount of money if you choose to stick to the “safe” options alone.

It is highly recommended for people who want to be “ruthless” with their debts. People who want to pay off their debts quickly.

After you have done the steps above it is time to…

C Choose a proven method or plan for eliminating your debts.

Methods that concentrate your efforts and make getting rid of your debts more effective.

This helps you avoid failure because most debt relief campaigns fail without an effective debt repayment plan

17 debt relief solutions that make debt disappear.

When you add these 13 options to the two steps discussed above debt becomes very easy to deal with. It is a triple approach that almost always works.

A slight detour…

Many people fail t at debt relief because they start at step 3. Because they start trying to pay off their debts without first of all taking the time to give themselves the resources they need.

That’s what steps 1 and 2 are designed to do for you…prepare you, give you all the resources you need to make getting rid of your debts more predictable.

You should only do step 3 after you’ve done steps 1 and 2 otherwise you may suddenly find yourself shorthanded…without the resources you need to get rid of your debts for good.

17 proven plans for getting rid of debt(choose the plan that best suits your financial situation).

1 Make more than the minimum required monthly payments on all your debts.

Making more than the minimum required payments on your debts reduces the interest payments you make on and the size of your debts and helps you get rid of your debts much quicker than you otherwise would. It is the plan you should use if you have enough money with which to pay your debts.

2 Do the debt snowball

Pay off your smallest debt first, then move over to your larger debts while making minimum payments on the rest. The debt snowball helps you record quick victories against your debts and is very good for motivation. It is the best plan to use if you have only a small amount of money with which to pay your debts. It is the method most “frugal” debtors use to reduce debt.

3 Do the debt avalanche…

Pay off your highest interest debt first, then move onto the lower interest ones while making minimum payments on the rest. The debt avalanche helps you reduce your debts more quickly, but can be difficult to do because it requires that you start with your more difficult debts. Only use it if you have a significant amount of money with which to start paying your debts.

4 Do the debt tsunami

Where you pay off your most emotionally troubling debt first, and then move onto the less troubling ones while making minimum payments on the rest. The debt Tsunami is great for achieving quick peace of mind but is not as efficient as the snowball or the avalanche. Only use if you have debts that keep you awake at night.

5 Use a 0 interest credit card to consolidate your debts and make them easier to pay if you are sure you will be able to pay off the debt within the stipulated interest free period.

6 Use a home equity loan to pay off your debts…if you are sure you can pay back the loan and won’t be putting your home at risk.

7 Use the Oprah debt diet plan to eliminate your debts if you are highly motivated and can make daily changes to your finances that get you out of debt in 30-60 days.

8 Use redbookmag’s 30 day money cleanse to give your finances a “detox” and improve your bank balance in as little as 30 days.

9 Talk to a credit counselor about your debts if you need a more personal approach with reducing your debts.

10 Borrow from friends and family to pay your debts. You would be exchanging one debt for another but it’s safer to owe a friend than to owe someone you don’t know.

11 Talk to your local credit union about your debt problem. They might be willing to refinance your debts and give you an easier arrangement for paying them.

12 Get a peer to peer loan if you need a cheap loan to help you pay your debts. Peer to peer loans are currently the cheapest debt consolidation loans in the finance industry.

13 Agree an easier debt repayment plan directly with your creditor

14 Join a skip a payment program if you need some time off your debts to get your finances back in order.

15 Sign up for a debt deferment plan…put paying your debt off until such a time when you can comfortably pay it back.

16 Settle your debts with your creditor if you can only pay back part of the debt you owe.

17 Stop paying your debt altogether and file for bankruptcy when everything else fails.

If you are looking for a way to eliminate your debts, those are the 23 things you can to do to get rid of your debts for good.

I hope you find a solution that helps you.

Start reducing your debts today.

For more insights into what it takes to become debt free read…the debt reduction bible…6 ideas that make achieving debt freedom a breeze.

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